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Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Lymphedema

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a rhythmic, light pressure technique that follows the drainage pathways of the body’s lymphatic system. It is an excellent modality for reducing inflammation, stimulating the immune system, improving circulation, and surgery preparation/recovery.

For those who have had lymph node removal, cancer, or have been diagnosed with lymphedema an initial evaluation will address:

  • Recovery goals and objectives
  • At home manual lymphatic drainage
  • Dry brushing
  • Lymphatic taping (measuring, wrapping and garment ordering)

Follow up sessions will help reduce fluid volume in the effected limb as well as allow for overall lymphatic health. Note that, for first time lymphedema patients, a 90 minute evaluation session is required.

As a Lymphology Association of North America certified (#002269) lymphedema therapist with over 10 years of clinical experience in a hospital setting as well as in private practice, I am committed to providing you with the best care possible.

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